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Autistic woman wants to know everything about me?

She wants to know everything about my life and is always researching for information about me and knows facts about me that I've never told her. I find it really weird and I can't seem to get rid of her. She has Asperger's syndrome. Is this why she does this?

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    With Aspergers, people can get obsessive regarding a certain topic. My neighbor's son OBSESSED about the weather, and became very adept at knowing how to forcast. He also became very adept at coming over to my house when ever he felt the need to to explain the weather to me. I finally told him he could not do that anymore without calling first. After a couple of times of being sent home without being allowed to tell me his information, he learned to call first. He had no concept of personal space. I doubt this woman is doing this to be hateful, it is just that you have hit her radar for what ever reason, and now she is obsessing, which can be common. Also, with Asperger's or someone who is on the spectrum, it is hard for them to process what is proper interaction with another person, so she probably doesn't understand that what she is doing is making you uncomfortable as personal interaction is a hard concept. You may need to kindly tell her that you don't want her to do this any longer, as she is going past personal boundaries. You can explain this in easy terms so that the concept is there, but it may take some time and maybe a couple of tries for her to stop.

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