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Do women want to grow their hair out because of societal beauty standards or internal preference?

Is it brain genetics that cause females to want to grow their hair long, or is it society and beauty standards?

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    Stephen, this is 100% individual and not at all some sort of innate gender instinct.  Grooming our bodies "unnaturally" has always been how humans differentiate themselves from being mere beasts.  Even the most primitive peoples who walk barefoot and are mostly naked wear something, even if it's just beads, AND do things to their hair.  Being able to grow thick, glossy hair is a sign of health (and therefore often wealth), but being able to cut or or style it is a sign of having the leisure and resources for the required tools.

    Notice that this applies to men, women and children.  If you study history and/or anthropology you will very quickly notice two things:

    1)  In many societies MEN were the ones showing off their flowing locks.  Long hair was associated with prime virility.  Male hair (if not balding) grows out thick and strong.  In the days before photoshop that shot in shampoo ads where you see the woman swishing her bouncy, shiny hair from behind was almost always a shot of the back of a man's head.  Commercial makers used to put ads up on college campuses because that's where the guys with long, swishy hair were at since they didn't need to cut it to look "corporate" yet.

    2) In many societies women of child-bearing age are required to completely conceal their hair and sometimes even to crop it or shave it off entirely.

    I am female and have long hair for two reasons besides that I can grow it, but they both come down to laziness, or rather wanting to focus my energy elsewhere than being well coiffured.  (1) I have four, count em' four! whorls on my scalp.  If my hair isn't long enough to weigh itself down it sticks out in crazy angles like I've been living in a haystack.  (2) It's easier to style to look professional when it's long.  All I have to do is wind it into a chignon and pin into place.  I can do this in the dark, I frequently do.  It takes me less than a minute and I look polished and professional.  When I have had short hair because of (1) it took a lot of work to achieve (2) and I have better things to do with my time.

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    I have long hair out of laziness. Don't have to "do" my hair in the morning, don't have to get trims every 6 weeks to maintain a style, etc.

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    2 months ago

    Seriously, no they do so because they want to. I don't let society and beauty standards dictate what I do with my hair. 

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    2 months ago

    Because they can I don't know many men who can grow 3 feet of hair

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    2 months ago

    As a women I have really long hair, because I like it, I do not like short hair.

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