Are the elderly worse off when they're morbidly obese?

 My Grandmother is 80 and weighs at least 300/325 punds. As one would expect Her feet have basically collapsed, She has back issues, and recently She fell on her face and broke Her fibula (chipping the tibia) likely from the sheer impact of Her weight. Because of the fall She is now recovering at our house for awhile. She has once before for knee surgery as well. Surprisingly She doesn't seem to have dementia yet, although there are some early symptoms, and she says dumb/rude things because She is dumb and kind of rude. My question is, will She likely pass away sooner than later because She's so unhealthy? I wonder because if She doesn't she'll be a huge burden to the family because she's also extremely poor.  Meaning, we will have to pay for and do everything for her, which she wants. Since she's already tried moving in with us once! 

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  • 2 months ago
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    In general *everyone* is worse off when they are morbidly obese.

  • 2 months ago

    She'll be a huge burder....what were your parents as children to her? Why is she poor? Did she spend her life raising kids and never became employed? Did your grandfather lose all his money caring for his family?  She says dumb and unkind things maybe you learned that from her.  Or maybe she is unkind because your family is unkind.  Put her in a nursing home and see how much that costs. Sleep well at night knowing most people die within 6 months of moving into a nursing home.What a horrible grandchild you present yourself to be.

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