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what primal and instinctive behaviors are unique to humans?

the world wide apex predator that lives 'artificial' lives seperating our species from the rest of the 'wild' so excluding all bahavior that is a product of advanced invention, what behaviors are unique to humans? other animals make tools, build shelter, wage lethal battle against their own species and other species (lion/hyena, wolves/bears, chimpanzees), hunt with tools, form hierarchy and rudimentary societies, utalize other animal species to their own advantage, ants cultivate, most mammals use their environment to their advantage, several express emotion, play, get bored...... i can go on about things that many people see as 'human' occuring elsewhere in the animal kingdom and some are more advanced/adapt than humans in their respective niche.. so, is there any primitive behavior UNIQUE to humans as a collective species even in secluded individuals?


@JazSinc - writing is a great example! cave paintings are the oldest and most rudimentary and primitive forms of wrote communication. but, they are believed to be associated with storytelling, which is a product of society. likewise, zoos are a product of society and can trace their origins to the keeping of livestock, which is a domesticated revision of hunting. an invented alternative to continually looking for and following prey when tied down to stationary settlements. origin is in society.

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    Religion is pretty unique human behavior. No animal exhibit any behavior that they believe in a divine being. We are the only animals that have a learned spoken language we use to communicate with one another. Other species may use vocal sounds to communicate, but those sounds are instinctively understood, not learned from one another. 

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    Language. People are born with the ability learn the language of the people around them. The language itself is not innate but the language ability is.

    Obviously language comes before writing and storytelling, and probably art.

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    1. Integrated consciousness. Other animals think, but not with the degree and depth and self-awareness that we do.

     2. Control of fire. Other animals do not gather stones in rings to keep fire under control.

     3. Knapping stone. Other animals use stone tools and even have favorite stones, but no other animals deliberately break stones to make better tools.

     4. Spirituality -- a thought process which attempts to connect things that are unrelated. Other animals do not worship a god or gods.

     5. Writing. Yup, we're the only animals who convey information between generations with written instructions!

     6. Putting other animals into zoos

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