AK bolt play. Not sure if it is something to worry about.?

I have a AK built upon a ROMY G kit. Bought it way back in 2007 when Romanian kids were plentiful and AK’s cost $400-$500. I’ve easily put 7,000-8,000 rounds through it (I shoot my AR’s a lot more often). When I get done with cleaning it I inspect it and as I was inspecting it since it was assembled in the U.S. (not an I.O.) and most people say American AK‘s suck. I noticed that when fully assembled and the bolt is the closed position the bolt has a little play. It’s not a lot but you can feel it move slightly and tap the trunnion when you push on the bolt through the magwell with a finger.

I am probably going to have it headspace checked by a gunsmith but it is hard finding ones that work on AK’s.

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  • BBean
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    2 months ago
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    A headspace gauge will cost around $40 or so. You cannot mention "AK-47" on ebay but search 7.62x39 for better luck. Midway, you can mention AK-47.

    Just a guess but since you said there is a little play then I would just purchase the FIELD gauge skipping the GO and NO-GO. If it closes on the FIELD gauge then gunsmith. Most gunsmith fees will exceed the cost of a gauge. If it does close to full lock-in on the FIELD gauge then a tough $ decision will have to be made.  

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    2 months ago

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    There will always be some tiny amount of clearance there, it will be less if a cartridge is present. If you are concerned about headspace. just buy a gauge, in this instance you only need the "field" gauge.

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