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Disappointed in a new friend, not sure what to do?

There's this girl who's in a few of my classes this year. School is mostly online. She has always been really nice and funny, and we had a lot in common, so we became friends which was nice. Her little siblings also go to school with mine. 

The other day, she was talking about how she likes taking tests online through Zoom because she can just 'use her notes'. My mouth pretty much dropped open, and she was like: 'what? of course you do that, right?'. I just told her that I didn't and we changed the subject. She did try to tell me that other people are cheating like this, too.

(I've never cheated while taking my tests at home, because the teachers instruct us to put all our notes away and sometimes screen record )

Anyways, I just let it go, and figured I could still talk to her, but lately she's been texting me questions like: 'what did u put for this math problem' (not: could you help me, just: WHAT did u get) or worse, like, can you send me a picture of your graph for the lab? I honestly can't trust her, so I've been making up excuses. My brother says I should just tell her the wrong answer haha. 

She's really sweet when we talk about other thins but she honestly is really annoying about asking for help and cheating. I'm thinking of telling her that I want to help her, but I don't want to give her the answers. But at this point, I don't even want to be her friend anyone, because I hate dishonesty (even if it's school). Any advice? 

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    "I take this whole school thing more seriously than you do and I do my own work and I don't share it. If we're friends, it need be about something else besides getting answers from me" That'll do it. You may or may not remain friends after that but it's clear, concise, not particularly insulting and directly addresses the issue. 

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