My parents don’t want me to go on vacation with my boyfriend of one year. ?

So me and my boyfriends have been together for a little over a year now and planned a trip to universal studios with some friends. Unfortunately, our friends have been having a hard time getting the money ready and me and my boyfriend are the only ones who have the money. We decided it would be fun for us to go in the trip together seeing as no one else had the money. First of all, my parents were totally okay with us and our friends going because we would be staying in separate rooms. After I asked if me and my bf could go, they said it is my decision but I am having a very difficult time deciding because of our religious background. Me and my family are Christian so having sex before marriage is a definite no no. And they don’t want to see me be put in a situation with such a strong temptation, which I totally understand. I am currently 18 and I know I’m young but I am also very mature for my age and think that I will be okay. The only thing I’m having an issue with is actually saying yes to going alone with him, and making my parents disappointed. If anyone can bring insight into my situation I would really appreciate it! Also I still love with my parents and am in college, which is why they have a lot of say i what I do still. 


I meant to say I still live with my parents! Also I wanted to add on that they are trying to let me make my own decisions now but I just don’t know if going will make them think differently of me. 

Update 2:

Also wanted to say because clearly people didn’t realize this before, the trip is planned for next year in December which is far from now, and I would really appreciate someone to answer without talking about the pandemic. I understand that it’s not a good time to travel right now, which is why I’m not going right now. Our friends have some difficult situations that would force them to save money instead of going anywhere. I also hope people understand that because of my family’s religious 

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    2 months ago
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    You should blame your deadbeat friends for putting you in this position.

  • 2 months ago

    I don’t know how to comment but, I guess because I didn’t add we are planning for next year and the friends got into situations that won’t allow them to go next year. I think the fact that some people would post such rude comments shows your own immaturity. I also would like to add I don’t think sex is taboo, I have he conversations with them about it because it is obviously a sensitive topic for them. I wasn’t focusing on the sex part either?? I just don’t understand why people would make such abrupt assumptions lol. I understand that you guys are clearly insecure so I will wait for someone to answer this question with a real answer. Thanks for your insight thought! Definitely won’t use it. 

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    2 months ago

    You described yourself as "very mature", which ISN'T the case, since you are willing to risk your health and your life by going on a trip, staying in a hotel, encountering multiple people, etc. You are dumb, instead, pardon me for saying it.  You focus on the sex issue, but you are ignoring the risks to your health, your life, possibly, and even bringing back a covid infection which could KILL your parents. Think again, and don't go. 

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Do you not realize there's a pandemic going on? Travel is not advised at this time, especially with cases surging.

    You may be 18 but your post reads like an immature 14 year old. I firmly believe that anyone who says, "I'm very mature for my age" is nowhere near as mature as they think they are. You're wanting to go on a vacation during a pandemic, you allow your life to be dictated by book (no sex before marriage because your religion says so...eww), and you lack the ability to have an adult conversation with your parents. None of that says, "I'm mature."


    Thank you for proving mine and Stephanie's point with your comment. With that response you have made it abundantly clear you are not as mature as you think. A mature person wouldn't be so defensive.

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