How will life be after Covid 19 ?

Well, after the pandemic is over.

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  • Foofa
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    1 day ago

    Automated bots caring for an entire generation of profoundly mentally damaged adults who were children during this time. 

  • 1 day ago

    I once had a conversation with a professor of Latin American studies.... he said that one of the differences between Anglo American cultures and Latin American ones is the "Old World" mentality in regards to the Law.

    Because Latin America was so-heavily influenced by the strict caste systems handed to them by the Spanish, the Law is generally seen as something that applies only to "people of good society"...the wealthy, the educated and the professional classes... For the common folk, there is no Rule of Law, but rather Rule of Authority...

    This comes with a certain amount of freedom for those outside the Law as criminality and "anti-social" behavior becomes expected of them...and thus accepted so long as it does not threaten the lives of those in "good society".... but it also means that these people will always be subjects of Authority rather that citizens under the Law...

    Although this mindset can already be seen, and enforced generationally, in big cities across America...what we have seen since March has extended into "good society"...

    While the TV tells us one thing our eyes have seen one example after another about how COVID rules....sold quite literally as matters of life or death... apply to some but not to others.  While our "leaders" tell us one thing, they are constantly being caught flaunting their own rules... just recently Gavin Newsom was caught partying with a bunch of wealthy friends at a celebrity restaurant.... last week, a number of CA lawmakers were spotted at a luxury resort in Maui....

    I have neighbors who literally have not left their homes in months..... meanwhile, the bars down the street are packed every night with hundreds of people, predominantly young folks, drink for hours with no masks or distancing.... although our mayor speaks weekly about the need for "vigilance, sacrifice and enforcement" his office still refuses to enforce rules against places where minorities, young people and working class folks gather...

    Quite simply, COVID is moving the Rule of Law higher up the ladder as something that only applies to the few.  In their lax efforts to enforce their own rules, you are seeing a professional government class creating a permanent "outsider" class that is enjoying more "freedoms" in exchange for them being willing subjects to Authority.

  • A new pandemic every 5 or 10 years and one that's worse .

    It's been stated before Covid and evolution will only get meaner 

  • Anonymous
    1 day ago

    No one knows for sure, of course. But there are changes we might reasonably expect:

    More people will work from home successfully. Many employers refused to consider it before but when forced, found it works.

    Office and dress clothing will be less necessary and manufacturers and retailers who don't expand may fail.

    The price of office space will drop. If major cities have too many longstanding vacancies, some will be converted to housing, and the price of housing could drop as well because of thousands of new units.

    Business travel may never resume. There aren't too many circumstances in which someone from HQ needs to be hands-on. This means hotels, car rentals, etc. may not fully recover and some will fold.

    Schools and possibly certain workspaces may organize grades or teams into pods, minimizing exposure to all viruses and bacteria as well as separating those who refuse vaccination when one is available and those who are or live with a high risk person.

    Each country's plan to deal with highly contagious disease will be revamped. Ideally, there will be worldwide coordination of effort as well as trusted sources of information that are beyond their government's ability to sway or influence.

    Countries that close non-essential businesses will have an efficient way to provide needed funds to those whose jobs closed down or disappeared already in place, ready to go. There should be no need for food lines or moratoriums on eviction.

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  • Welcome to the Robot era...................

    We’re all f*ucked........

  • 1 day ago

    Some things will go back to the way they were, some things won't.  

  • 1 day ago

    It'll still be life.  Just like it always has been

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