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Conservatives: Why do majority white cities and areas not have bad crime?

I went to St. Petersburg, FL and there were no red and blue cameras at their stoplights. I didn't see ghetto people everywhere. Even in Destin, FL I don't see all kinds of ghetto people running around since it is mostly white. I am not saying white people do not committ crime, but why do a lot of cities with mostly whites not need blue and red flashing police cameras at stoplights? 

Why does St. Louis, Detroit, and Baltimore need those red and blue cameras at intersections? Is that a statement towards blacks that they are ghetto and cannot act decent? 

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    You should probably do a little research, St. Petersburg has a higher crime rate per capita than the rest of the U.S. in general.

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    Fellow conservatives please reinforce my biases and surround me with opinions that affirm my bîtchy, bigoted worldview.

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