My mother got tested positive for the Covid-19 on Friday. Her Employer told her to go back to work this Monday?

My mother tested positive for the Covid-19 on Friday. She said that her throat hurts and that's it. She believes she got it from the money exchange at a store, because she always wears a mask, goes to work then home, doesn't go out, always sanitizing her hands so she is really confused to how she got it. She is not fluent in English, she is a US Citizen but not fluent in English. I messaged her group leader, since she works at a RV factory, and asked him when can she go back to work, (2 weeks or when she got a negative test) He messaged me saying that if she doesn't have a fever, she can wear a mask and go back to work this Monday? Is this true? I thought you had to quarantine your self for 14 days. What if she lies and says she doesn't feel good just to stay at home and not infect anyone, can she get fire?

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  • 6 hours ago

    If she has in fact tested positive, she needs to contact the local health department and tell them her employer is ordering her to come to work. They should contact the employer. After that, if the employer fires her or suspends her, she will have a valid legal case against the employer.

  • 1 day ago

    Someone is FLAT OUT LYING, and it isn't your mom's boss.

    The closest to this BS that has the proverbial snowballs chance in the lake of fire of being true is she was told to send a copy of the test results by Monday.

    Update: I just read you claim you talked to her boss. YOU are FLAT OUT LYING. Unless your mom gave WRITTEN authorization, the boss wouldn't say SQUAT to you on any such issue, and even then, most wouldn't.

  • 1 day ago

    Her manager is breaking the law if they ask her to go to work, she has to self isolate for 14 days, she should phone and tell her manager what the law is!

  • BJJ
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    1 day ago

    She should self isolate for 14 days and if you and anybody else who has been in contact with her should also be tested for covid  .. and that includes all the workforce of the factory,  the group leader is wrong and is  being totally irresponsible.  If any of the workforce test positive then the factory should close for deep cleaning 

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  • 1 day ago

    I don't know what she can or can't do in order to make that determination myself.

  • 1 day ago

    The whole point is to stop the virus of course she should remain in isolation!

  • 1 day ago

    14 days quarantined.  The group leader just doesn't want to be short handed.

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