Anyone got any idea what this book is called? ?

I have no idea when it was written but I do remember some details. It was about a brother and a sister who were in some sort of jungle, I think. I'm pretty sure they were trying to rescue their dad but don't quote me on that. But anyway, there was this boy who had grown up in the wild and he's described to have red paint on his face. There was one scene where the boy and the sister were swimming and it's written like they were thinking about kissing each other but then they boy back strokes away. There's another part where a letter arrives and the boy asks the sister to read it too him to which she replies "you can't read..." and he says "nope" and she says "really?" to which he admonishes her.

Another thing is that just before the sister and brother head out to go somewhere, the boy plucks some feathers from a bird (I think this bird is his companion) and gives it to the brother in a necklace, I believe. As the sister and brother are lead wherever they're going by some people who don't like them, the people are scared of the boy because of the feathers around his neck.

If you have any idea what this book could be, I appreciate it :)

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    It sounds like 'Walkabout' which was also a film.

    'Walkabout' is a novel written by James Vance Marshall (a pseudonym for Donald G. Payne), first published in 1959 as 'The Children' It is about two children, a teenage sister and her younger brother, who get lost in the Australian Outback and are helped by an Indigenous Australian teenage boy on his walkabout. A film based on the book, with the same title came out in 1971, but deviated from the original plot.

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    You wrote it.... I know the Jungle had a name, so use it.....

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