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why did they say this?

I was chatting with this man online and through texting, when they made a weird joke and basically implied that I was a catfish. why would they say this? I'm not one and even offered to send more pictures of myself a while ago. I asked what he meant and he just said ''never mind'', what was that all about?


It's strange because I really wasn't catfishing and never catfished in my life. Not gonna talk to them anymore because they're very negative and seems to have a very obnoxiously rude attitude. 

Update 2:

I know what it means but I was asking as to why they could have said that but now I understand after Olive explained. Not talking to them again, because they're annoying anyways and won't deal with someone calling me something I'm not.

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    Far as the Catfish thing, Hes saying that your making up fake profiles and putting up pics just to lure people in.  Yea that was uncalled for them to say that, even if they might of been joking or not

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    I think catfishing means impersonating someone you are not

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