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Why do some people keep saying Biden won?

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  • 1 hour ago

    This election was for Harris, not Biden.  Harris won, not Biden.

  • 16 hours ago

    Because liberals believe everything they hear from the mainstream media.

    Trump is going to be reelected.

  • 21 hours ago

    Why are you a traitor terrorists 

  • 1 day ago

    Because he did 

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  • 2 days ago

    Joe Biden won the presidential election, thanks mainly to us, the American people who votes, and I personally don't believe there was anything wrong with the election whatsoever, nor was I aware about possible voter fraud or corruption

    But, I think the question we should be asking ourselves whether Donald J.Trump is making a big mistake by refusing to concede the election and acknowledge the results of the presidential election,which in fact, he is, and we need him to reconsider his decision to concede now or regret later.

  • Mark
    Lv 7
    2 days ago

    Because he did, BIGLY.

  • Anonymous
    2 days ago

    Mathematics don't lie... trump does.                                        

  • Anonymous
    2 days ago

    Media said he won so he won

  • Anonymous
    2 days ago

    at this point trump is  like a drowning man grasping at straw . the only way he is going to get to 270 is if he looses 50 pounds . 

  • Anonymous
    2 days ago

    Two points                 

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