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my kitten is pawing the door asking to be let back in, what will happen if i don’t let her back in? ?

Updated 3 days ago:

Sorry i forgot to mention yes its my bedroom, i usually don’t want to sleep with my kitten so i put her outside my bedroom and she paws at the door. and shes 7 months old 

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  • 3 days ago

    You never said how old the kitten is and into where, inside the house? Inside your bedroom?

    For your house; depends, the kitten will just feel sad and want to come in but think why aren’t you letting her in, but will keep trying or distract herself with something else. But remember that’s a kitten, if that kitten wanders away and ends up somewhere dangerous, with an animal abuser or gets run over by a car and never comes back then you only have yourself to blame, might even find someone else and settle down there. And how can you resist not letting a baby inside, there’s a lot of dangers for a kitten outside. Anything can happen.

    For your bedroom: nothing, the kitten will just keep pawing at the door and eventually will give up, you should give it toys to play with or play with it before bed so it is tired out and will sleep. Ofcourse, sleeping with a pet and cuddling is a whole different feeling, but I respect some people don’t want that. Although, I would say you are missing out. 

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