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Do I have high end autism or am I just really emotional due to something I know about?

I have a belief that the world might end some day by the result of the corrupt elite's scheming and this is something I am always distracted by to the point where I do not think many things through all the way. 

For example I at age 20 during my work shift have sprayed a scan gun to sanitize it for covid 19 procedures, but i sprayed it in a area where the liquid can fry the gun. Id been holding this job for months yet I made this mistake after months of working there. I was totally disconnected with the reality of what I was dealing with (the scan gun). Btw I am age 20 and male. I also wanna say that I grew up in a nice neighborhood. I have graduated high school but I never accomplished much without luck. I havent even gotten laid either. I'm thinking its my lack of accomplishments thats what is causing me to worry about the end of the world...

So do i just have a mild form of autism or is it just my constant despair about the possibility of the end of the world happening?


Theres also me not knowing if there is a God or not and its also me not knowing when the system will crash and its me being anxious about karma that I might actually have. 

I have no idea if I have such a thing as karma and I have no idea why reality is exactly as it is. 

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