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Why are people so heartless ?

I work as a janitor in a school. There is is hardly anybody to talk to. Everyone would give me a 'look of pity' and I even heard people say stuff like 'That could be me' but nobody shows true compassion. It seems to just feed their ego and make them feel superior. I know work is mainly about work but it's crushing my soul because it's lonely to be pitied, not respected because of my job and be one of the most unpopular people in the building. I have lost all hope of ever making a friend there because nobody is interested. People say hi but that's it. It's small talk and it feels empty because they say it without much emotion behind it. Just superficial politeness. I even get made fun of sometimes and get called a maid. 

I've recently become really depressed. Like what is the point of it all? I know I'm making a little bit of money to survive but survive for a life like this? I felt I'd be better off dead. I was wrestling with these thoughts in my head and meanwhile one of the teachers that worked there whispered 'slag' for no apparent reason. I was just cleaning and doing my job whilst probably looking depressed.

I've probably now applied for more than 700 jobs and only a few have gotten back but it was warehouse jobs and the bus times were not suitable.


plus I dress modestly, I behave modestly.

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    Maybe you're taking things too hard on yourself

    Know that none of these people can perform their duties, without an assigned janitor

    Yes, most people are heartless; and they pay the price for it

    It's better to have a heart, no matter where you are on the totem pole, socially

    "It's not the visions that go blind, it's the hearts in the chests"

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    Caretaker is a fun job being alone in my opinion I wanted to try it. If people meen that much to you and effect your depression simply get a new job diffrent enviroment

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