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Why are my mom and stepdad saying they're "broke" if they waste money on things they don't need?

Interesting logic about my "broke" mom and stepdad

I've been trying to sell my beanies and other things I didn't need and my mom and stepdad decided against selling to customers due to the pandemicbut I did sell one of my sunglasses that one of my old job coaches gave to melike my stepdad and especially my mom are "broke" and they work a lot... i got my monetary reward just two days ago and my mom expects me to keep it .. all I got is $60.. they say they're broke but they keep spending $$$ on restaurant and grocery food...


No I cannot do just virtual sales. It must be in-person. I only accept cash also. I cannot spend money on eBay with my debit card, my mom keeps control of my virtual payments

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    For adults, "broke" doesn't always mean "I have zero dollars", it often means, "I have enough for needs, but not wants". So, food is generally considered a human need, yes they could probably spend less at restaurants as we all could, however, there's a difference between food and shelter and, say, video games and iPhones. 

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    If they are over spending, needlessly, that's obviously why they are "broke",if that is the case. You can still sell things without human contact, explore going on line, e.g., try Ebay.

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    There is a huge difference between being "too broke" to buy a car, send you to Europe, go on a clothing spree, shop for furniture,  and going out to eat or buying groceries. Your Mom and Stepdad get to be "too broke" to do whatever it is that you think they should be spending money on and instead spend their money in ways that bring them pleasure. 

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