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I told to my friend that a hot guy hitted on me and she tried to put me down by telling me that she thought only desperate guys are into me?

Why did she tell me that??

I dont think i am that ugly and only desperate guys are into me

Because good looking guys are often into me

And yes that was true a hot guy hitted on me what is her problem??

By the way i rarely speak to her about the guys are into me but she is talking to me all the time about how every guy is crazy about her and how she had sex with hot guys and blah blah blah

And she shows off to me all the time ....

And i feel sorry to say that because i am not mean but she is not pretty at all

Her face is below average but for some strange reason shs probably thinks that she is better than me

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    She did what is called "leveling." Think of two tree stumps. When she saw you getting excited about this guy and feeling proud about it, this made her uncomfortable, so she said something crass "only desperate guys hit on you" to level aka cut you down to the level she feels comfortable dealing with you at. Meaning, she perceives your feeling good and positive about your attributes and your getting attention from men as a threat and feels as if that takes something away from her. She doesn't like that as the dynamic between you two(in her mind) has always been that she is the better one.

    Meanwhile, psychology as found that most people overestimate their attractiveness to the eyes of others. So, it is not surprising she feels she is hotter than donut grease and in reality she is average to slightly less than average looking. 

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    She's jealous and has low self esteem. Not a very good friend. 

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