Is it highly possible that some of the “severe” autistics probably also have Angelman Syndrome, or an intellectual disability?

 Some “severe” autistics can be non verbal but still have a normal IQ. These parents are describing things like in diapers at age 12, that’s a symptom that is associated with a genetic disorder Angelman syndrome. I am a “high” functioning autistic and I can tell it’s probably the intellectual disability etc. autism isn’t a learning disability so I think the parents might further investigate the other causes. I doubt it’s the autism that is causing problems like toilet difficulties.


Autism does NOT intellectual disability stupid.

Update 2:

Autism does NOT cause intellectual disabilities stupid answerer. Autism isn’t an intellectual disability.

Update 3:

Keep in my mind that I am just tired and frustrated that autistics especially ones who are normal IQ are treated like we’re toddlers. Also, Non verbal autistics get more representation in media than us who can live close to normal lives. I also don’t respect nor trust any political side, GOP demonize us, deny us support especially heath coverage. Democrats are just lesser evil, but still don’t take us autistics as a marginalized group seriously. We get more hate crimes, more violence than women.

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    Autism does not cause intellectual disability, but it can be a co-morbity of autism. Level 3 autism especially is usually accompanied by intellectual disability. 

    Wearing diapers at age 12 can be due to extremely poor executive function and intellectual disability.

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    2 months ago

    Well you're wrong. I'm autistic and a member of Mensa but my autistic brother has what used to be known as 'classic autism' and has an IQ below 70. He's had genetic testing and his intellectual disability is purely as a result of his autism. OH FFUCK OFF, HOW DARE YOU CALL ME STUPID, YOU OBSESSIVE FREAK. I think my brother's genetic specialist and everyone but yourself knows that autism can cause intellectual disabilities but not always. Get some ffucking counselling instead of trolling your sshit on this site and insulting people you shouldn't mess with.

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