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Why is the quality of regular inexpensive pet food still being sold to pet parents, it is poison?

I've had quite a few pets die from giving them this type of food to them and I can't afford the quality grade bags as they are too expensive for a 13 pound bag. Is it bad to assume something more sinister is going one here with pet food companies selling basically poison to inexperience pet parents like myself? 

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  • Sandy
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    2 months ago
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    yeah, my cat developed huge tumors in his mouth after years of eating a certain brand of cat food. I have no proof but I'm feeding the ones I have now something different. I guess, short of giving them meat I eat, I have to buy what's on the shelf. they have some now that has to be refrigerated. I tried it but my pets don't like it. that's another thing. you can only feed them what they like, and most pets are kinda finnicky.

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