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What does "be wheeled in" mean here?

"The Seven Years War had fostered a more cohesive American identity. A shared British past, ironically enough, provided further means of encouraging resistance. Britain’s seventeenth-century history, understood as a heady tale of plucky resistance to the royal ‘despotism’ of King Charles I, provided a gallery of precedents that could be wheeled in to encourage defiance of the supposed ‘despotism’ of King George III’s ministers – the ‘British’ governors, customs officials and troops charged with implementing the new taxes and maintaining order in King George’s colonies."

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    presented.  Has a metaphorical idea of presenting items for sale on a market stage by wheeling them in (like on a cart), one after the other, as the sales progress.

    Well, convincing people is a form of sales, and ideas are metaphorical items to be placed on sale when convincing.

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    its used as a metaphor , or a saying , dont you understand a metaphor , you fell asleep during english lessons at school didnt you .

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    USA today              

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    In this context, it means assembled, accumulated, or gathered.

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    It basically means that a lot of precedents could be cited or put in place (wheeled in) to encourage people to defy the despotism of the ministers.

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    It means something was introduced as a mean to an end.

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