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How much time spent alone is too much for someone who has thoughts of suicide the majority of the time?

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    There’s evidence to support the notion that when our need for social relationships isn’t met, and when solitude morphs into loneliness, we fall apart mentally and even physically. There are effects of loneliness on the brain and on the body. Some effects work subtly, through the exposure of multiple body systems to excess amounts of stress hormones. Yet the effects are distinct enough to be measured over time, so that unmet social needs take a serious toll on health, eroding our arteries, creating high blood pressure, and even undermining learning and memory.

    A psychologist who tracks the effects of loneliness, his studies reveal some ways it can compromise health:

    1) Spending too much time alone increases the risk of suicide for anyone of any age.

    2) Lonely individuals report higher levels of perceived stress even when exposed to the same stressors as non-lonely people, and even when they are relaxing.

    3) The social interactions of lonely people are not as positive as those of other people, hence their relationships do not buffer them from stress as relationships normally do.

    4) Loneliness raises levels of stress hormones and blood pressure. It undermines regulation of the circulatory system so that the heart muscle works harder and the blood vessels are subject to damage by blood flow turbulence.

    5) Loneliness destroys the quality and efficiency of sleep, so that sleep is less restorative, both physically and psychologically. Lonely people wake up more at night and spend less time in bed actually sleeping than do the non-lonely.

    The upshot is that while alone time has many physical, emotional and spiritual benefits when enjoyed in moderation, spending too much time alone can damage the mind and body.

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    .02 nanoseconds if you are an android. 

    The sad truth is your mind is what you make it. Your obsessive compulsive problems are caused by your obsessive compulsiveness. The only way you can stop thinking about suicide is to STOP THINKING ABOUT SUICIDE 

    Try to remember one thing. If you are a human being and you are not living a life of pain and suffering you have hit the cosmic lotto (as opposed to the overwhelming likelihood of being a rock somewhere else in the universe instead). If you are an American you got a choice winning ticket in the cosmic lotto. you should feel lucky to be alive instead of being a freaking rock. 

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    Do you try to solve problems after or make people laugh sometimes during the week.???

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    Someone should be with you every minute.

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    All I can say is that social support is very valuable. Of course, there's also things you can do on your own that help with moods. 

    I have lots of info about depression in my recent answers, and you're welcome to click on my name and read. There's a lot of things that can help and a big advantage to having a professional who knows how to use them. 

    An important thing to remember is that although friendship is great therapy, friends should not be substituted for a therapist. A friend is good for taking your mind off your problems for a while, but the friend is not qualified to deal with psychiatric problems like a therapist. 

    This has info about a variety of good things including how to cope with suicidal feelings -

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    The others may not to clean inside his mind ; it is his duty . Education must to be accepted to bear fruits . The love for oneself is a complete romance . He is him being !

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