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Is Dominion Software the latest fake scandal effort from Trump supporters?  Where's all the evidence proving voting machines switched votes?

And still not a shred of evidence regarding:

Hunter's laptop(s) (however many there are today in fantasy land),

Hunter's e-mails (which we've never seen),

Joe's corruption as documented by Martin Aspen,

mail-in ballot cause massive election fraud,

etc. etc. etc., ad nauseum.

CLOSED CIRCUIT to Trump supporters:  You lost, crybabies.  Get over it.

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    Textbook Orange Fraud:  It anything is good (including a sunny day), it's because HE, with his "stable genius", made it so.  If anything (in his opinion) is bad, it's because there's some nefarious external force to blame.  Even he realises that the lies he spews about Mexico & China don't resonate anymore, so he now picks on Canada.  He'll go on being the superstar of the lunatic fringe of the lunatic fringe.   

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    There's no evidence, of course. They're just caught in a cycle of denial and fake news. Anything to avoid accepting the truth.

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    It's just one more straw they're grasping at.

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    Read this article

    One thing's for sure. If dominion switched votes , it will be proven in SCOTUS.

    In state courts the dominion case hasn't even been made yet because it's confiscated server data is being gathered. 

    The state court cases so far have more to do with mail in ballots not being allowed to look at -- that's not really a fraud case yet. 

    This real big fish will be revealed just in time before the electoral college votes

    I think Trump is correct not to concede. He isn't as stupid as the lib media thinks to be. Libs have paid heavy price politically whenever they underestimated him. Same with pollsters. 

    If I were a lib I'd be more worried why the coup attempt is completely ignored by everyone.

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