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2,000 people per day are dying of covid in the US. Your thoughts? ?

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    Wrong.  The 2,000 per day figure was barely cracked three days last week, Wednesday - Friday.  The last time before that was one day in late June.  The figure was reached a number of times in April and May.  But back then, the number of new cases in the US every day was a small fraction of what it is now.

    That means the virus is far less-deadly than it was, and this is evidenced by the steadily-falling mortality rate. Back in the darkest days of April and may, that rate was over 6%. Today it is 2.1% and a few days away from hitting 2.0%.  We never saw 100k new cases in one day until October 30, and since November 3rd, new cases daily has not been below 100k. But on November 3rd, the mortality rate was 2.5%.

    We are clearly seeing a second wave of infections, as illustrated by the falling rate of recovered cases.  But until the mortality rate starts to climb again, and I am far from convinced that it will, you cannot say that the virus is worse.  There are treatments that did not exist six months ago.  What I take from the numbers is that the virus was probably less-deadly six months ago than we thought.  Testing was not being done like it is now, and many of those who were infected and showed little or no symptoms were not being caught.  That artificially inflated the mortality rate.

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    It's not that many.

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    Are they dying WITH or BECAUSE OF the Hunan Virus?  There is an important difference that most people seem unable or unwilling to grasp.  Less than 1% of people diagnosed with the disease actually die as a result of it.

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    There are vaccines on the way


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  • 3 days ago

    Nearly 150,000 people die per day in the world of non Covid causes, yet it seems people only care about those dying of Covid. Who cares about the people starving to death, dying of cancer, heart disease, and illnesses cholera and malaria brought about by poor hygeine and lack of medical care, right? If it's not due to Covid then I guess it doesn't matter to you.

    More people are also dying of suicide and other causes, because people are not going to the hospital due to fear of Covid. Drug abuse, alcoholism, suicide, domestic violence, child abuse, and other awful and deadly conditions are on the rise, all because of this cruel shutdown. Cancer patients aren't going to hospitals for treatment because of fear of Covid and that will undoubtedly end in death....but who gives a dam about them, right? Just as long as they don't die of Covid, it doesn't matter, right?! And you people call US selfish!

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    3 days ago

    That's not true. The death rate hasn't gone up nearly as much as though who have it. You really need to educate yourself and stop watching CNN.

  • Anonymous
    3 days ago

    No, they are not.  Only 10k have died.

  • 3 days ago

    nature gives............[births]

    nature takes away..........[viruses] 

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    3 days ago

    The US is the only country handicapped w/ a trump factor. The high rate of contamination is relevant to how he mishandled the crisis. For example, he admitted to intentionally downplaying it. This encouraged reckless behavior in the people who take his words seriously.

  • Anonymous
    3 days ago

    it was a inside job look at this info

    the company has never been charged and not one of them have even been jailed over this , what testing for scars and why every year and why on bats , what does this have to do with us , they have never named the company that did this why we cant sue them thats why , from now on every test company needs to let you know what they are testing and why and what for .......and you have the right to put your foot down and tell them no way ,

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