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Can an allergic reaction present as some sort of yeast infection? (More info...)?

I'm 24... diabetic.. And the timeline lines up with when I get a yeast infection like rash kind of skin reaction. I know all y'all ain't doctors but have you heard of anything like this? The treatment for a yeast infection takes care of it, but whenever I eat a rice cake it comes back. I also read, diabetics are more prone to yeast infections if diabetes aren't well managed. Mine I'm struggling with atm. But the 2 days that I ate these rice cakes, I was only eating veggies and salmon and those don't bother me alone. If it doesn'start to get better, I'ma see my physician. But has anybody heard anything like this before? Be kind please - I'm a dummy haha

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    No. An allergic reaction can't present as an infection. You could have a yeast infection, and you could also be allergic to yeast. But an allergic reaction and an infection are two totally different things.

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