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Can normal cells mutate into cancer cells long after a person stops smoking? If so, is it cause the DNA was damaged while smoking ?

In my friends case, it wasn't even cigarettes. He smoked pipes, then later changed to little cigars. Since he never inhaled, it wasn't lung cancer, but the area behind the nose, where cigar and pipe smokers love to let the smoke linger. The oncologist said he had never seen a tumor located there without also seeing them show up somewhere else in the body, such as lungs. 

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  • LAN
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    2 months ago

    Smoking increases your risk of getting cancer not causes it altogether.   There are lots of people that never smoked and got cancer.  

  • Sam
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    2 months ago

    normal cells can mutate into cancer cells even if a person has never smoked and was never around anyone who smoked.  

    The are many causes of cancer, known and unknown, environmental and 

    genetic.   . 

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