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My cousin blocked me on Facebook. How do I stop caring?

She hates my Mom because my Mom helped her parents find a place for her to stay when she was in trouble 14 years ago. The place she stayed (at a friend of my Mom's) didn't work out and so she hates my Mom. Her parents are divorced now and her mother also has me blocked. Her mother hates people almost at random. I guess my cousin picked up on that as the only daughter in the family. 

How do I stop caring and having hurt feelings? She follows my brother as does her Mom who also follows my sister. 

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    Screw 'em.  Blood isn't always everything.  I have some family members who are shady like that.  Their loss.  It's not affecting my day.  Worry about your education, having the best job, the best life.  When they see all that, they will want to come back into your life... and that's when you shut the door for good.    

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    Consider that her "hating you" isn't just you,but includes others as well. Your most important priority should be to take care of yourself. And if you find her behavior hurtful and toxic,you should stay away from her. 

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    Give it time. You will get over it. 

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