Found jar full of meat in woods?

At camping I found a little jar full of meat in the woods, I havem't opened it yet but I did take it home with me. It doesn't really smell but it's been getting more liquidy and gooey. I like it as a collection piece because i like to collect oddities for my collection but I'm curious if anyone has any advice on preserving it, whay someone would put meat in a jar, and if it's a health concern. Lid is fully sealed. Pic included please look at it before answering.


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  • Strand
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    2 months ago
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    My guess is that it was a lure for trapping or hunting. Or they may have been training a scent hound. If you want a more interesting story, you can say it's a witch jar. It's a jar full of hair, blood, nails, etc. used to curse people. Though that means you are cursed now for disturbing it.

    It's jar of putrefying bacteria soup, it's not safe to keep or handle. But if you are set on it, then leave it outside somewhere dry for a few weeks/months until the contents are completely desiccated and it no longer smells. Clean it off with alcohol and seal the lid with wax.  

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Looks tasty. Would probably not consume it though.

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