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How long should I expect sex to take.?

ive only been with one guy, and though we did it on a regular basis, i didn't really enjoy it. Of course he was a minuteman so I tolerated it because men have needs and it keeps them happy.

Anyway now I'm dating again and I have no idea what to expect, honestly.  Most guys I'm sure last longer than 45 secs so I guess my question is how often do they expect it and how long are they usually inside of you.

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    If you're with a teenager, 45 seconds is about average.  It's more than twice as long as I lasted my first time, in fact.  I'm told that most guys, if they're getting some regularly, usually last anywhere from 15 to 30 minutes.  I can last a lot longer than that, but I'm the only guy I've ever had sex with so I don't have a wide perspective.

    How often guys expect it and how often we want it are two different things.  When I was a newlywed, I expected it every day.  After 21 years of marriage, I expect it on birthdays and anniversaries even though I'd still like to do it every day.  As it turns out, all those jokes about married women aren't jokes.  They're true stories.

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    I can only last about 25 minutes start to finish but I can get it done in 3 minutes if i’m on a time limit.  It’s usually a solid time, i get pleasure when my partner is drowning in extacy.  I can safely sag it usually takes about 25 minutes

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    There should be a lot more to sex than the "inside you" part, so much more that the "inside you" part just one facet of sex and not "the whole show." 

    Sex should be about "playing together" and not about something boys do to girls, not about something girls put up with to please men. You're half of what's going on and you need to be active in making sure you DO get enjoyment out of sex play. It's OK to say things like "Put your hand here, put your fingers like this, and do this." 

    I hope you meet someone one you can actually PLAY WITH, that you insist on sex that is FUN for you and not just allowing your body to be used as a sex doll. 

    The "poking" part of sex usually lasts 2 to 8 minutes. But that part doesn't have to last a long time for the play session as a whole to be amazing. 

    Use condoms for everything.

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    You need a real man dear 

    I last about an hour and will guarantee you will not walk for few hours 

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