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If I get the Coronavirus am I immediately contagious when exposed or does it take a day or two?

Wondering for scheduling visit to grandparents. For example on Thanksgiving if I see my parents and sister and her kids first and my grandparents an hour later am I contagious an hour later if I get the virus from my sister or would it be Friday or Saturday before I am contagious? 

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    I don't think any one knows that for sure, but it seams like it could be from when you first contract the virus. If you think you were exposed or infected, get tested for covid 19 before you go visiting. This is why you shouldn't be visiting, you could be exposed to the virus by some one that doesn't know they have it. If you can do zoom chats or some other chat app, and celebrate virtually. 

    If you have to visit and since you don't live with them, wear a mask when you're not eating or if physical distancing could  be challenging, when possible practice social / physically distancing. Also no hugging or touching relatives and don't share food. That way you would have very little chance of getting covid. 

    I didn't go to visit my family for Thanksgiving (I'm in Canada so that's was in October), I didn't get to go see my dad or my nephew on their birthdays. I didn't feel safe about going. The  last time I saw my family was in July and I don't live too far away from them. 

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