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how is it logically possible for Rudy Giuliani to get a Supreme Court hearing before January?

he said tonight on Hannity that they were going to be going to the Supreme Court to present the evidence since all the judges in the 10 cities they are pointing out the fraud as being present are controlled by Democrat judges who are very how quickly can he get his cases thrown out by them so he can get a Supreme Court trial and how long that will last and will it be enough time before January? if not, what then?

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  • Jeff D
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    4 months ago
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    Cases can be elevated to the Supreme Court quickly if there is an obvious time element.  See Bush v. Gore in 2000, for example.

    They might have to go through the state Supreme Courts first, however; but again, there's an obvious time element and the legal process has to move quickly.

  • Anonymous
    4 months ago

    Unless a lower court makes a decision that the Trump legal team can appeal they cannot elevate it to a superior court.

    Currently the lower courts have almost universally decided that the evidence presented by Trumps legal team doesn't meet the standards required by law to be considered in a court of law. 

    In other words, everything they're presenting in court is BS. 

    So no decision can be reached in a lower court on no evidence therefore there is no decisions to appeal to a higher court. 

    The supreme court has no role to play in this farce. 

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