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Is it okay to hit a dog in self defense?

So today my brother brought his dog over so my family and I could watch him for a few hours. I usually play with my bro’s dog a lot but today he was really aggressively playing with me like biting my arm really hard and he wouldn’t stop no matter what I did. So I screamed at the top of my lungs and hit him pretty hard on his butt and he ran underneath my bed scared. Now I feel like such a bad person but I couldn’t do anything else he just kept attacking me and he wouldn’t stop. Any advise on how to handle situations like that in the future without resorting to hitting?

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    No, that is instinct; you shouldn't have been playing rough anyway

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    You haven't mentioned how old this dog is, I'm guessing it's a young dog that has not been taught bite inhibition during play.

    This is actually a tricky thing, and you are better off not roughhousing with the dog at all if you don't know how to deal with it. If you really want to figure it out I suggest that you google how to teach bite inhibition to a dog and read up on it.  You will find all sorts of things, what you are looking for is POSITIVE training tecniques.  

    The dog probably was just playing and doesn't understand he is hurting you.  This is really common with dogs removed from their litters before they are about 10 weeks old.  With their litter mates they learn to control how hard they bite because when they bite too hard the game ends.  You can simulate this by - pulling away and loudly saying OW!!!, turn away from the dog and end the game for about 20 seconds.  This works with a lot of dogs, but not all.  There are other things you can read about that may help.

    All of this being said, because you aren't the dogs primary caregiver, it is not likely you will be able to teach this dog much if you see him only infrequently.  And then that being said, I have a coworker who brings her dog to work a couple days a week.  Since the first time I met him over a year ago I've been teaching him things every time I see him.  I do all positive, reward (treat) based training and now he RUNS to me to go through is tricks several times a day.  He's about 6 and she had never trained him at all, so it's really cool to see how much I can do with him and how far he's come.  She's even gotten into training mode a little and is following through on what I've taught her to show him.  It has improved his life immeasurably to be able to understand and communicate this way.

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    You can walk, so remove yourself from the room

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    Yes, everything is okay for self-defense.

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    Yems, I camn certaimnly undermstamnd why you woulmnd wamnt to promtect yourmself if youm were beimng attamcked.  

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    Yes. Me Basset Hound puppy hitted me and I hit him back in self-defensce.

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    Instead of hitting his butt, hit what caused the pain, the muzzle.  The butt was not hurting you, the mouth was.  Smack the muzzle for biting, you can also bite back until he cries out.  Try to make it equal force, your bite needs to be as hard as the dogs.  When I bite back I do it in slow motion so the dog sees the teeth & the intent & make it a good bite.  If the dog bites hard enough to make you bleed, be sure your bite brings blood.

    You can use two fingers & come down fairly hard on the soft tissue just behind the nose.  The power behind this depends on the intensity of the bite.  Some dogs can be corrected by just touching the nose & some require a strong bob to get across to a stronger temperament of the individual dog.

    'how to teach a dog not to bite?' 'stop my dog from biting', '

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    My lab mix puppy does not stop biting due to her past home not training her at all. 

    Biting is natural to a dog, it’s how they play and they’ve known that since birth. 

    They don’t realize that humans don’t like it unless trained to know. 

    I’m unsure if your brothers dog is trained but what we do is: when she bites, never pull away (unless it’s way way too hard) because they think you’re playing. Instead put a toy or bone in their mouth in your place and praise them when they take it. 

    Another thing to try: if you “Yelp” or just yell “ouch/ow!” they may realize “oh snap I actually hurt them” because that’s how a dog would do it; by yelping. 

    It also depends on the breed. For my lab, they are not submissive at all, especially untrained ones. Negative reinforcement is attention in their eyes and they will continue to do bad things if it gets them any type of attention. A Yorkie? Is most of the time not like that. So it all depends on the breed. 

    But I still recommend my advice no matter if submissive or not. (:

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    I agree with Jojo. If the dog gets over excited and plays way too rough then you need to stop playing with him that way. Try doing a little bit of training with him instead. Get him to sit for a treat, give his paw that kind of thing. No letting him get excited because he doesn't know when to stop.

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    No it is not ok

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