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Make a CER prompt question bases on the article   A claim that answers the question  Evidence from students’ data?

Reasoning that involves a rule or scientific principle that describes why the evidence supports the claim

The Tides At The Beach Our final stop is back on Earth — the seaside. When you sit on the beach, you can watch the sea come closer and closer as the tide comes in. After a while, the sea seems to get farther away as the tide goes out. However, the sea is not actually moving in and out. Instead, it is moving up and down. The water gets closer to you as the sea level rises. As the sea level drops down, the water gets farther away from you. This is also an effect of gravity. The moon's gravity causes the tides on Earth. Unlike the soccer ball, the moon is massive enough to have an effect on the Earth. It's just a small effect, because the Earth is still much more massive. Still, it is enough for it to cause the tides. The pull of the moon causes the water level to rise. We see this as the tide coming in. As the moon rotates around the Earth, the tide goes out and the water level drops.

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    Your question makes no sense.

    "Make a CER prompt question bases on the article A claim that answers the question Evidence from students’ data" is nonsense.

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