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If a person gets annoyed when another person complains about their problems, does that person lack empathy (even if the complaining can seem?


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    No... Sometimes it need to be ignore for certain reason to give space for something more important...

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    They get annoyed for some reason. Could be anything really. Try to get better at ranting.

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    Here are some signs that will help you identify if someone around you lacks empathy:

    1) They jump fast into criticizing others without putting themselves in other people’s shoes.

    2) They seem to be cold or just out of touch for people that are suffering or are less fortunate.

    3) They believe 100% in the rightness of their own ideas and beliefs, and they judge anyone who does not hold their beliefs as wrong, ignorant or stupid.

    4) They have trouble feeling happy for others.

    5) They have trouble making or keeping friends.

    6) They have trouble getting along with family members.

    7) They feel entitled to receiving favors and use you to serve their needs without showing appreciation. They will even get offended if they don’t get their way.

    8) In a group setting, they will talk a lot about themselves and their lives without really caring about what other people share.

    9) They do or say something that hurts a friend or a loved one, and tend to blame his or her actions on them. They truly believe that the fault is in the person receiving the hurt because they reacted poorly, were rude or were oversensitive.

    The truth is that without empathy, it is hard to create deep emotional connections with others.

    People who lack empathy were probably raised in families who were avoiding to get in touch with their feelings and even condemned others for feeling their emotions. Some people have learned to shut down their feelings early in their lives to such a degree that they closed off their hearts and can’t even feel their own feelings, they certainly can’t relate or feel other people’s feelings.

    As a result, these people end up lacking self-compassion, self-love and are disconnected from their authentic self and divine connection to source. They are probably not even aware that such disconnection is like a defense mechanism from their ego because if they empathize, they need to relate, get in touch with their feelings and feel the pain.

    Things That People Who Aren’t Empathetic Don’t Do. People who don’t care about others don’t have the ability or interest to understand or perceive how another person feels. There are cases of disinterested people who lack empathy. Here are some of the things they usually don’t do:

    1) Worry about you. They don’t pay attention to you, maybe because they’re too focused on themselves or because they just don’t care about what happens to you.

    2) They aren’t sensitive. Even if you tell them how you’re thinking and feeling, they don’t show interest in perceiving and understanding what you’re going through.

    3) They don’t trust others. By not perceiving what we think and feel, those lacking empathy don’t feel safe with others.

    4) It’s hard for them to believe in others’ feelings. People who are disinterested in others’ well-being doubt their emotions. Therefore, they’re cold when others talk to them about how they’re feeling.

    5) They aren’t compassionate. These people don’t feel compelled to relieve other people’s pain or suffering.

    With these characteristics in mind, it may be easier for you to see which people in your environment aren’t empathetic. Keep in mind that there are nuances. There are people who lack empathy and people who have too much of it.

    Selfish People Who Lack Empathy

    People lacking empathy don’t put themselves in another person’s shoes. Therefore, they disregard others’ feelings, thoughts, and desires. One of the most outstanding characteristics in people who lack empathy is their selfishness. 

    People who lack empathy can be very selfish. They think about their own well-being first without thinking about others’ needs. Also, they take advantage of situations and people for their own benefit.

    They push the boundaries of reciprocity. This means they only give if they get something in return. They don’t do things disinterestedly. They relate to us in almost a standoffish way, making manipulation a way of life.

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    There are other possibilities, besides lack of empathy, or even them feeling overwhelmed. 

    Many people, when someone's dumping their problems, feel helpless because they feel like they're supposed to be the one to "fix everything" and they know they can't fix this - so they get annoyed and feel put upon, no matter how much they like you. (Please don't goo on me!) 

    The best person to tell your troubles to is a professional, such as a therapist, someone neutral. 

    Bonus: that person may actually be able to provide some insight and strategies for resolving the problems. 

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    not at all. people can very easily become emotionally overwhelmed. 

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