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My catfish is bleeding is there anyway to stop it?

So I went in my room and saw my catfish had blood in it and was bleeding. Can this be stoped or help or will it die?

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  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Your line of questioning is off.... What do rich kindergarteners drink? - first off those kindergarteners aren't rich. Their parents are. The diffrence between said and the (read the details for more context) ? I'm writing a papper on how to write an essay for English class, and seance it's English class, I ..... You are a young user. But your maturity needs to show more often. Like age doesn't mean anything. Okay. Your catfish is alive and lives in water , breathes hydrogen two oxygen? H2o? Or is it cooked. Are you a chef? The water needs changed. See if transporting the fish to somewhere else would work. What part of the body. . other user . Has thought you mean food. But this is in pets. Is it the correct category because Yahoo answers has both. I'm in my young 30s. I been on Yahoo answers a lot. You can set your profile to private. If your :rents let you. Make sure you have fish cooked all the way if you mean edible.  Will it die? Most likely yes. Time to get a new fish. Find out what made it bleed. Remove sharp objects. Broken fish decorations? Plastic plant has a sharp edge? Depends if bleeding can stop. Like when going fishing catch and release. The fish bleeds. There's a chance it might stop bleeding. So keep changing the water. 

  • 2 months ago

    Just put some hot sauce on it. 

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