The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses behind the line in the gym and out there on the road long before I dance under those light?

explain this quote in 10 sentences, please

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  • Anonymous
    4 weeks ago

    If you're so scared for your life that you need mask, gloves, face shield, vaccine, etc., then you're "protected" from me, right?

    If you're "protected" from me, then I don't need any of those things 'cuz you're already "protected"

    Just aksin'... because u'r already protected, then why do u force those things on me (if u'r already protected)

    I'm gonna just be carrying ma gunz and if police approach me to chip me (via vaccines), then shots will be fired; mark ma wordz

    Especially at checkpoints on highways near entrances of the city like it is already in Ireland... Dublin = dumber than any civilized city...

    du u love freedom?

    Spanish flu vaccine killed all them victims in the Spanish flu era; and that's a fact

    5G will kill COVID vaccinated

    COVID vaccine contains chip; chipped people are influenced to receive World Passport grey plastic card with no name on it (when they stretch their hands to get it, gov't clerk secretly presses button to administer the unforgivable green 666 by isotope rays according to saint Vyacheslav Krasheninnikov).

    influenced by Super Computers (mind you)

    evil flying antichrist will release prisoners and insane asylum folks to help him "mark" people; in the cities it will be voluntary first day; next day they do it at gun point as they do in Africa already (chipping kids via vaccines at gunpoint in Malawi)

    who said that I carry a cellphone on me; 'cuz I don't

    someone wants to shoot those who refuse to obey these stupid rules, that's what Project Zyphr is about; gov't turns off electricity and sends a drone with scopolamine at 4am to your house; once gassed, u come out to 'em urself; they take u 2 underground re-education camp to torture u 4 adrenochrome; the remaining people will be chipped when they sign up for food in closed stores; project pogo was to gather info on who is to be annihilated during project zyphr

    Source(s): project pogo (if u watch gov’t shills adam green, alex jones, Qanon, then gov't knows that u'r a dissident to be annihilated during project zyphr). 12-15 million americans to die during project zyphr. ai (artificial intelligence) will post on ur social media (even will make phone calls on ur behalf) while u'r being tortured underground . people will think that u'r on vacation but u'r down under being tortured for adrenochrome.
  • ?
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    Practice makes perfect .

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