Can I reverse diabetes 8 months later?

I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 8 months ago is it too late to reverse it? I have lost 3 pounds (already) but need to lose 10-12. Have I done to much damage already to go into remission?


It is Gestational Diabetes so it can be reversed so I just need to drop the weight so as not to start taking insulin

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  • 2 months ago
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    I'd suggest you do some reading and start following the well-documented plans that have proven successful. There is no way to guess how long it will take, because each person is unique and how well you follow the protocols directly impacts how fast people get better. Being overweight is a symptom, not a cause. The foods you consume that contribute to being overweight are the cause of your body's insulin resistance and resulting T2 Diabetes. What you eat will change not only your weight by your health. 

    Authors to read include: Dr. Jason Fung, Dr. Joel Furman, Dr. Neal Barnard. Dr. Stephen Gundry, Dr. Eric Berg, Dr. Will Cole, and Dr. Josh Axe. Most of these people have books as well as blogs and YouTube channels. You should be able to find a lot of information.

    Spoiler alert:  Pretty much all of these folks are going to recommend a keto eating plan that eliminates the foods that cause insulin resistance (all types of sugars, grains, processed foods, fruit juices, and a lot of dairy products).  

  • Shay
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    2 months ago

    You will ALWAYS need to watch what you eat and watch your weight.  You will never be able to return to old habits.  You will ALWAYS be considered a diabetic.  The issue would be how much medication you need to control the diabetes.

    You might be able to control it with diet and exercise and get off medication.  I have known of  a few type 2 diabetics that did make enough life style changes to be able to stop using medication even after having diabetes for a few years.

    If you only need to drop another 12 pounds to be at a decent body weight then just dropping the weight might not be enough to avoid using medication to control your diabetes.  You might have diabetes because of hereditary issues which can't be reversed.  

  • 2 months ago

    Reverse it to the point you can eat anything and have your body respond as if you had never been diagnosed? That's not happening.

    But you can change how you eat, what you eat, and adjust your activity levels, so that you are well controlled, with or without meds/insulin as a type 2? That is VERY, possible. 

  • 2 months ago

    Diabetes does NOT go into remission. You MIGHT get to the point where you might be able to control the diabetes by diet, exercise alone, but that rarely happens. Very likely you are insulin resistant as?well. That means oral medication, which can slowly destroy your liver or insulin or a combination of the 2 if you are a double diabetic. 

    Type 1 diabetes like I have Never goes into remission. I am NOT insulin resistant. I am pretty insulin sensitive after 65.5 years as I found at 3:15 am this morning. 

    Do NOT stop eating bread, pasta, corn and rice. Your BRAIN needs glucose, carbohydrates, to function correctly.  

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  • k w
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    2 months ago

    just stop eating sweets and flour products, the body always seeks to be normal, just much of the food drags us in the other direction......

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Look into intermittent fasting and Keto, i heard it can reverse it 

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