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Why do some Marylanders consider themselves southerners?

I have spent some time in Baltimore and travelled around the mid-Atlantic a lot for work over the past 3 years to work with clients in the region.

I've come to find out that people in some parts of Maryland consider themselves southerners.  This is mostly the case in Western Maryland and the southeastern shore.  I don't think anyone in the Baltimore-DC corridor identifies as a southerner.

In my visits to Cumberland, and Salisbury, I never felt like I was in the south.  Cuisine was very mid-Atlantic, and southern accents were virtually non-existent.  Cumberland reminded me of Western PA, and Salisbury reminded me more of Southern NJ.

I get that MD is south of the Mason-Dixon line.  But that hasn't been relevant for 150+ years.  I doubt anyone alive today even has parents who were alive during the confederacy.  I'm sure things were different then, but now, few people in the northern half of VA are even southern - so why would Marylanders think they are?

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