I'm definitely qualified, so where is my stimulus payment?

Even though my wife and I easily qualify for the stimulus payment, we still have not received it. Whenever I check on the "get my payment" government site, I receive the following response:

"Payment Status Not Available

We are unable to provide the status of your payment right now because:

We don't have enough information yet (we're working on this), or

You're not eligible for a payment."

What recourse do I have? I've researched it extensively and can't figure it out. I did read that if you didn't file before a certain point in time, they'll use the 2018 return for which we wouldn't have qualified. We filed in mid May before the deadline. Even so, if they did just end up using our 2018 return, are we just screwed by bad timing?

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  • 28AKO
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    2 months ago

    if your 2018 taxes were used and you weren't eligible then u won't receive one. you need to call the irs and speak with a represenative

  • 2 months ago

    No.  Our wonderful media loves obscuring the truth because it suits their agenda. People have not been told that the stimulus is an ADVANCE on the 2020 tax credit that was part of the CARES  (Cornonavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security)  Act that was passed last spring.  That tax credit will be taken on the 2020 personal tax returns filed in 2021.  Anyone who has already received the full stimulus must state this on the return, and it will negate the credit (so they don't get it twice).  Anyone who did not qualify for the stimulus based on 2018 or 2019 returns, or who missed the deadlines for claiming it this year, will claim the credit at that time. 

  • 2 months ago

    I have bad news, and good news for you.

    Bad news - there's no stimulus payment coming (right now). The IRS created a computer program that automatically went through everyone's tax files and paid out the stimulus to people who qualified for the advanced payment. That program got to your file and looked for a 2019 tax return. Since it didn't see a 2019 return it went back and looked at your 2018. Based on that return you didn't qualify for the stimulus, so the program didn't initiate a payment for you and moved on to the next tax file.Ideally when you filed your 2019 return it should have triggered that program to re-verify your stimulus.  In a case like yours where your 2018 return did not produce stimulus payment but the 2019 did qualify it should have either sent a stimulus or added it to your 2019 refund. But I do not believe this was the case.

    However, there is good news - the stimulus payment is actually written as a tax credit against your 2020 tax return. Any payment that people already received was just an advance payment of this credit.  So when you file your 2020 return there will be a new form where you compute your stimulus amount based on your status, income and dependents for 2020, and any amount you qualify for but did not receive as an advance payment will be added to your 2020 refund (or subtracted from your 2020 tax owed).

    So the bottom line is that if you continue to qualify for the stimulus based on your 2020 income, you'll get the money - just not until you file your 2020 tax return.

  • ?
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    2 months ago

    I don't think they're sending out stimulus checks anymore. You'll have to wait until you file for 2020. Remember, the check was an advance on a larger 2020 refund.

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  • 2 months ago

    The IRS will (they say) make a final determination based on your 2020 tax filing - which you submit next April.  Nothing you can do in the meantime.

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