more cd questions, can you answer?

i want to know why often when a song is put on cd, it is shortened and edited? then you listen to that same song on youtube and its often longer than the version they put on cd?

also, why do old songs from the 70s/80s/60s put on to cd often sound different to the versions they put on youtube, is this down to poor remastering of the cd, so the music tracks sound different?

finally, when playing a cd in your stereo, if you turn the volume up to more than the speakers can handle, will the music come out distorted sounding? thanks.

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    2 months ago

    1/ I've never come across a recording being shortened or edited just because it's being put on a CD. Of course, some singles were shortened/edited anyway when first released as records. Layla by Derick  and The Dominoes, Whiskey in The Jar by Thin Lizzy, 25 or 6 to 4 by Chicago and I'm sure countless others were shortened versions of  longer original recordings. Usually on You Tube it's the original full length version.

    2/ Anything on You Tube is going to sound different to the same thing on CD. You Tube sound quality is poor.

    3/ Playing anything that is louder than the  speakers can handle will cause significant distortion followed by the failure of the speakers.

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    Regardless of the signal source, 

    any amplifier can "clip" and sound horrible. 


    It isn't often that speakers are driven too hard; 

    rather, it is almost always the amplifier that is driven too hard 

    when the volume is increased too far.   


    That said, when speakers are pushed to ther limits, 

    they do distort and the result is often worse than amplifier clipping.  

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    The _only_ people who can answer "why different track" versions are the CD producers.

    Re. sounding different to youtube, that is due to problems with your equipment - the CD tracks are factually higher quality, based on your past examples.

    And yes, absolutely, more volume or signal level than any part of the system can handle will cause distortion and possibly damage.

    Distortion generally increases progressively as you get from eg. 2/3 or 3/4 volume towards maximum volume with reasonable quality, then increases very sharply.

    Overdriving the speakers can cause permanent damage to the drive coils or cones.

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