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Everybody knows the obama debacle was a disaster.  How much worse will the Harris administration be?  ?

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    yes, obama sold weapons that led to ISIS, let Americans die at Benghazi, created that wonderful Obamacare that cost more money and penalized you if you don't have healthcare, which even Bill Clinton said was a mess (look it up).  

    Harris will push communism.  It's in her equality equity ad.  (look it up Biden voters).  Here's the accomplishments we will stop seeing:

    --Reduced regulations allowing small business to be more successful

    --Incentivized manufacturing businesses to return to the USA

    --Put tariffs on China, etc., allowing American companies to compete globally

    --Put just about all Americans to work generating the lowest unemployment for minorities and females in recorded history

    --Replaced the job-killing NAFTA treaty with the job-creating USMCA

    --Established a strong relationship with Israel along with moving our embassy to Jerusalem and solidifying the Golan Heights --and releasing dozens of hostages

    --Killing the Iran Nuclear Deal which posed a serious long term threat to our security

    --Defeating the ISIS Caliphate

    --Killing known terrorists posing a destabilizing threat to our troops in the Middle East

    --Brought our troops home from endless wars that found us policing distant lands

    --Organized peace treaties with Middle East countries and being nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize

    --Jumping on the pandemic and stopping travel from China saving countless lives

    --Implemented Project Warp Speed with the Pharma community to develop a COVID-19 vaccine in record time

    --Exited the Paris Climate Accords so the U.S. doesn't have to pay for multiple country's climate programs

    --Got our GDP at an all time high

    --Unemployment at all time low

    --Lowest paid 25% Americans received a 4.5% income boost

    --Raised the HBCU funding from 80-85 million per year to 245-255 million per year

    --Entrepreneurship has have increased the first three years, surpassing the average rate for the previous two presidents

    --Women owned businesses increased by 1,800 each day in 2017 and 2018, outpacing the rate under Obama

    --Firms owned by women of color grew at double the rate of women overall

    “[Americans have] a continuing normative commitment to the ideals of individual freedom and mobility, values that extend far beyond the issue of race in the American mind. The depth of this commitment may be summarily dismissed as the unfounded optimism of the average American—I may not be Donald Trump now, but just you wait; if I don’t make it, my children will.” --Barack Obama, 1991

    Everyone loved Trump before he became president, even Jesse Jackson.

    Here's the covid timeline

    1. We knew about it in November - no cases no deaths

    2. First case in January - no deaths

    3. Trump orders China travel ban in January- no deaths

    4. First death in February.

    5. Vaccine created. Now in testing.

    6. Vaccine available today.

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    We don't know what the Biden Harris Administration will turn out to be like. We know what they've said they'll do but we don't know how those plans will work out.

    But it's really impossible to say that the Obama Administration was a debacle. At least, not if you're basing it on the fax. Economically, the Obama Administration turned out pretty good. Of course, it started with a disastrous for Section which was caused by his predecessor's economic policies. And the Fallout of that continued after Obama took office. But Obama instituted economic policies which prevented the recession from turning into a depression. Those policies also created the longest peacetime economic expansion in American history. In fact, that expansion was so long lasting that Donald Trump was planning to run for re-election on the basis of Obama's accomplishments. Trump supporters often claimed that the Obama economy was terrible in that the Trump economy boomed. This isn't true however. You did see economic gains under Trump but they were basically the same slow-growth games which we saw under Obama. In fact, the economic growth rate in the job creation rate both slowed slightly under Trump compared to Obama. In fact, the first three years of the Trump Administration, before covid-19 disrupted everything, saw something like 1 million fewer jobs created than the last three years of the Obama Administration. So on the economy, Obama was pretty good, at least compared to his immediate predecessor and successor.

    On foreign policy, Obama was also pretty decent, especially compared to the people who came before him and after him. There were some failures of course. Most notably, Obama had a disjointed response to the Arab Spring which, in Syria, allowed Isis to develop. Obama is also too slow to realize the growing threat of Russia. In fact, in 2012 he mocked his opponent Mitt Romney for saying that Russia was our greatest foreign-policy threat. But, overall, he was pretty successful. Obama successfully rebuilt the lost American power and Prestige of the Bush Administration. He wound down the war in Iraq successfully. He negotiated a trade pact in East Asia and the Pacific Rim which was designed to curb China's economic expansion. He came up with a major deal in the Middle East which successfully prevented Iran from further pursuing its nuclear Ambitions at essentially no cost to the United States. So we can't really call him a debacle on foreign policy.

    In terms of domestic politics, I think we also saw a much better time than we do now. It's true that conspiracy theorists on the right flourished and hatred for Obama was rampant. But that's still better than what we see now where everyone is consumed with hatred. It's not like the Trump era has calmed down any of those people. All it's done is worked up other people. While the idea that Obama would usher in a post-racial America was horribly naive oh, we did see a lot of progress on racial matters. Civil unrest was, with the exception of some early black lives matter protest, largely absent. Terrorism was pretty low in the United States. Things were, overall, pretty good. Obama also kept the pandemic outbreaks of his era to a minimum.

     so it's really difficult to say that the Obama era was a debacle. Obviously, there are some things in there that you can criticize, but from an objective standpoint Obama was a successful president on the whole

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    Everybody knows that you make up stuff.

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    Republicans betray America through their partisanship!

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    Where have you been for the last four years? N Korea?

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    Yes, that's right --- there were two Ebola deaths, the stock market tripled in value, and the unemployment rate went from 11% to 4% --- such a debacle compared to the Trump administration.

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    Everybody where .. in Russia? North Korea? Dixie?

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