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Why do people like Smoking Joe make false claims like saying the Covid death rate in Europe is lower than the US?

The death rate in Europe is 2.3%

For the US: 2.1%

If you took out the cluster f*** that is New York the US death rate drops to 1.97%


@Juana- Not true. There's actually 16 doing worse. 

Isle of Man 364 25 6.87%

Channel Islands 1,068 48 4.49%

UK 1,430,341 53,274 3.72%

Italy 1,272,352 47,217 3.71%

Sweden 196,446 6,321 3.22%

San Marino 1,358 43 3.17%

Ireland 69,058 2,006 2.90%

Bosnia and Herzegovina 76,757 2,153 2.80%

North Macedonia 50,015 1,397 2.79%

Belgium 545,787 15,025 2.75%

Spain 1,542,467 42,039 2.73%

Romania 393,851 9,596 2.44%

Bulgaria 110,536 2,530 2.29%

Update 2:


France 2,065,138 46,698 2.26%

Moldova 92,519 2,072 2.24%

Albania 29,837 646 2.17%

Update 3:

@Heidi- No, that's because we have the third highest population (and I wouldn't trust the numbers from the top 2). 

Update 4:

@anon- No, that's deaths per million population NOT the death rate. 

Update 5:

@Juana- Whether it's misleading or not that's what we're talking about. If you want to debate which statistics are more accurate that's a different debate. Joe made a factually incorrect statement and I proved it. No that you've lost you want to change the rules. Typical lib. 

Update 6:

@Juana-Yes, he said "death rate" and death rate is calculated by deaths/cases even according to worldometer:

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    Mainly cause they have a narrative and fu ck facts!

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    Germany has a death rate of 161 per million pop, the USA has 773 per million pop.

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    @your update2: When did Joe specifically refer to "deaths per cases"? No serious website does, certainly not Worldometers.

    @your update: "Deaths per cases" is misleading since no one knows how many asymptomatic cases there are in every country. Click on "Deaths / M pop."


    Only four European countries (excl. San Marino and Andorra) have a worse death rate than the US. The rest is doing better, some of them MUCH better.

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