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Skeptics: why do you ask for proof about the paranormal when all you have to do is watch Nuke's Top 5 on YouTube?

Nuke's Top 5 is CHOCKFUL is evidence of the paranormal, and that's just scratching the surface. That's literally all the proof you need.


Nuke's Top 5 has more than 2 million subscribers.

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    You have to remember, you are talking to denialists here not sceptics. No matter what evidence you produce, it won't be good enough and they will even refuse to check the source. These people will always stick their fingers in their ears and go to their happy place rather than face the fact that we do not live in the straight forward world that they would like. Luckily, These people are only around 20% of the population and like the flat earthers, they will soon have to face facts

    EDIT! I gave your suggested site a look and found it to be a lot different from any of the others. Real details and from all over the world. An excellent site. I have now subscribed.

    EDIT! Sandra, I am also partial to a little evidence. Where is your evidence that states, man can never have an interstellar flight, or are you only parroting what Yucky said?

    Gary, I don't give knitting lessons because I don't know anything about knitting, just as you know nothing about science. In fact, its about that time when you show yourself up again with one of your, off the top of your head, silly science statements.

    "Time travel defeats physics" type of thing. I'm sure you understand Gary. Learn a little science before you try to teach it, stupid boy. Evidence is evidence Gary, not proof. Proof can only come about if the evidence is studied, not ignored. Even though you have never come across one, job shops exist Gary. Look and ye shall find. What does science work in if it doesn't work in proofs, Gary? It was YOU who used to spout about proving things under scientific laboratory conditions Gary until I told you that scientists were not adjudicators. Isn't that right Gary? Since then, you stopped with your laboratory conditions rant just as you stopped giving the Latin meaning also when plagiarising from the web. Yes, Gary, I had to remind you that you can't speak Latin and nobody was impressed. Sad little fella.

    What do you teach Gary " What normal signals" Yes Gary, you didn't know that space is absolutely full of radio signals, and in your embarrassment, you deleted that question? You were teaching people that time travel defeats physics a while ago Gary. Remember when you proved that tarot doesn't exist because you travelled the country visiting fairgrounds and getting different readings on your dole money? You want to shut your mouth about science until you know more than a junior school child. You stupid boy. I teach science???? HAHAHA! What you have to remember Gary, is that people all saw what you wrote. You tell too many lies, Gary. If an animal hears a noise and runs away but the noise was just the grass rustling, that animal is gullible. You even followed up in a comment box, saying "I don't know how you can't see it." But that was just to try and hide your embarrassment because you had checked the word out by then. Gary K teaching science??? That's like Ian Brady teaching child care. 

    EDIT The population of Japan is only 126 million people thank christ. only 25.2 million don't believe in paranormal yet we still get one or two of the little feckers on here.

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    YouTube notorious for fake videos. One video or one book prove nothing! Thaat not all the proof I need. Earth has over 7.600,000,000 people. 2,000,000 gullible people is small fraction of that. 

  • D g
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    THAT ISNT PROOF   THERE are  probably  2 million people who think the  earth is flat  .. that doesnt make it so

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    In science, videos and eyewitness reports are not considered evidence because they can not be investigated or studied. People can have dreams or hallucinations or lie. Videos can be fakes. There is no way to study a pic or video. We need physical evidence or something repeatable. 

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    I'm guessing you're "Nuke" and trying to bring in new followers.

  • Gary K
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    People who ask for "proof" are using the term loosely. Science doesn't work in "proofs".

    "Evidence" is what's needed, and extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.  You'll have to do a LOT better than Youtube videos.

    Also- if scientifically valid evidence existed for anything paranormal, it couldn't be paranormal. 

    Edit: EG, every word you just wrote is BS. Also shows yet again you don’t understand science, or what evidence even is. I have never changed my position on ‘proof’, and I teach science in some form every day. I suggest you scurry back into your pathetic misinformation bubble. 

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    YouTube isn't a reliable source of information. One YouTube video doesn't prove jack ****. There's no real evidence for the paranormal, so Nuke's Top 5 is just silly BS. I demand a whole lot more evidence. I see you don't know that science has evidence, and math has proofs.

    EDIT- English Gay, such scientists as Edward M. Purcell show that, "Interstellar travel is preposterous!" He won a Nobel Prize in Physics. Try the Lorentz Equations for various speeds. Mass increases geometrically as speed increases. An infitie fuel supply is needed to achieve speeds that can cross interstellar distances in feasible time periods. Argument from personal incredulity is a logical fallacy. Just because you're too ignorant to comprehend the calculations made by such men doesn't make them wrong. It only shows that you're stubbornly ignorant. 

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    I must say that you are making the same mistake that skeptics frequently make - confusing the words "proof" and "evidence." The mantra of the dogmatic materialist is, "There is no evidence." There is evidence, if only very flimsy evidence, for all sorts of strange claims. I think alien abduction is bunk but I will admit that the testimony of alleged abductees is evidence - evidence that is not supported by corroborating evidence. I have said here that there is interesting evidence for certain claims. The response to this is, "That doesn't prove anything." No - evidence and proof are not the same thing. A judge never says that testimony can be admitted as proof.

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    2 months ago

    They’re simply ignorant, they can’t know what they have not experienced.

  • Dr. NG
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    2 months ago

    They must be using Critical thinking in their lives. Incorporating that into their thought process helps them see the folly of seeing Nuke's Top 5 as evidence of anything reality related.

  • 2 months ago

    it certainly has me convinced, in my opinion there is no better evidence for the supernatural  than women and children suddenly squealing and screaming and running off feigning terror. 

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