Rather than struggle with day to day problems, moving from one problem to the next, just hoping for some 'downtime' between problems...?

...and rather than waiting for leftist owned social media to ban all the conservatives for wrongthink and rather than accept the slow erosion of traditional American values, why not create small 'tribes' of like-minded allies to help you raise children into a new culture? Homeschool them. Learn to cooperate and use teamwork. Learn and teach. Support each other. Create something new rather than trying to get 'society' to listen to you. Then you don't have to watch your kids grow up to be just more mob zombies raised by the internet. 

It's not left and it's not right. It's not throwing away the old and it's also not an absolute rejection of everything new. It's based mostly on common sense and things that are believable to skeptics but presented as a form of magic which is what the upshot would amount to anyway. Email me at Georgegrubby@yahoo.com for a PDF about how to do this. 

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  • Foofa
    Lv 7
    2 months ago

    I believe the Libertarian Party already has the template for that so maybe you should join forces with them. 

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