Why are red Trump counties responsible for the latest surge in COVID cases?

Is it because they think the virus is fake and this do no social distancing or mask wearing? 

Map of COVID cases per capita by county. North Dakota and South Dakota currently have the highest per capita infection rates.


Moon Shot: Because COVID hit the Northeast earlier before any anti-COVID restrictions were put in place, and there were no treatments for COVID at the time which is what accounts for the higher death toll early in the pandemic. Glad I could help. Do you have an answer for this question since you deflected with another question?

Update 2:

Anonymous: “

Not true. NY still holds largest number of deaths. NJ isn't far behind. California went over million covid cases.”

WOW. Do you know how per capita rates work? Of course large states like NY or CA will have overall higher numbers of deaths than stated like North Dakota. We’re talking about PER CAPITA RATES. North Dakota has higher infection rates per 100,000 people than any other state. Mississippi has a higher death rate than California. Go back to school and learn statistics.

Update 3:

Moon Shot: No, the West Coast had the first recorded case. We don’t know who got hit first. New York/New Jersey had the first massive outbreak. And it likely spread before it was known to be in the country and before any measures were in place. They also Now why do you still have no answer to my question? I answered yours. As of right now, red states are doing the worst — with forewarning the pandemic was already here, unlike the Northeast. Admit it, red stares fvcked up.

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    2 months ago
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    Yes, that is indeed the reason.

    COVID is turning into some kind of natural selection agent, eliminating morons from the genepool.

    At at the intention of the other anonymous, I think it was PRETTY clear the value quoted was CASES per capita, not total, as the later means nothing in terms of prevalence, and not death either since the first wave caught everyone unprepared (because of the orange shitstain lack of leadership)

    1- North Dakota  88221 cases per million population

    2- South Dakota  77621 cases per million population

    By comparison, New York is ranking #32 with 31426 cases per million.

    No doubt he is from a red state, and in deep denial.

  • 2 months ago

    because you normally only see that which affirms your bias....thus saving you the trouble of thinking for yourself.....

    or maybe you haven't reached that part in school where they tell you the difference between 10 + 2 and 10,000 + 180......

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    tRumpers are more likely to not properly wear masks if at all and/or refuse to social distance.

    ps: Giving me a thumb-down won't silence me from speaking the truth.

  • Anonymous
    2 months ago

    Not true. NY still holds largest number of deaths. NJ isn't far behind. California went over million covid cases.

    Illinois is reporting 120 covid deaths a day now.

    It seems majority of covid cases and fatalities is in blue states. 

    The map you show is just a geographic map that shows which areas are red. Red states have lot of land but very few people.

    So your graph is misleading. 

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  • 2 months ago

    Who cares? Wearing a mask isn't going to stop it. The only thing that will is herd immunity or a vaccine. Also, those states have a higher infection rate because the other states like New York already went through COVID months ago. This isn't just something you can stop unless you create extreme Draconian rules like nobody is allowed outside. There will always be a few people breaking the rules no matter what and that means the virus will never end until most people are infected.

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