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Is he using his friend to spy on me ?

My boyfriend and I broke up today . I asked him not to contact me .

7 hours later I receive a friend request from someone who is on his list and vice versa .

Why is his friend adding me and messing me that he thinks I’m beautiful .

What is the point of all this ?


I didn’t allow him to add me .

But he is talking to me and I’m playing this innocent and respectful with his friend . I’m waiting for him to ask me something crazy so I can say hmm did someone and you negotiate this conversation ? Lol

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    His friend might've just heard you guys broke up and is trying to jump on the opportunity that he is single. Honestly, deal with it however you want. Even if he is spying on you your not doing anything wrong. You two broke up, you are not obligated to be with him anymore.

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    2 months ago

    It's 50/50. He might have liked you before the split with your ex. It's not unheard of. Yet it could be a set up. You could tell him you don't date your ex's friends. 

  • 2 months ago

    Your x probably put him up to it, to see if u take the bait

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