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Why is it shocking (to American right-wingers especially) that Canada has bands/artists there? ?

And that Canadians are in fact capable of singing and playing musical instruments and writing poetry?

Rush, Neil Young, Gordon Lightfoot, Barenaked Ladies, Joni Mitchell, Sum 41, Bryan Adams, Stan Rogers, Anne Murray, Bachman Turner Overdrive, Guess Who, the Band, Avril Lavigne, Alanis Morissette, Celine Dion, Drake, Leonard Cohen, Rufus Wainwright, Michael Buble, etc. 

If anything, Australia is irrelevant musically (only 5 prominent artists.....INXS, Midnight Oil, Olivia Newton John, Kylie Minogue and.....Keith Urban lol). And New Zealand? Nobody there comes to mind!

Anyway, is it because the GOP thinks that Canada is not a country at all, and is just a massive piece of crap?

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    Having lived in both the US and Canada, I can attest that Canadians have always been better informed regarding bands from outside their own country. Many Americans on the other hand have been saturated by the multitude of artists within their own markets, and are basically brainwashed. The same applies to other aspects related to foreign culture, worldly events,etc.

    Despite producing many talented bands/artist over the years, Canada's market is still relatively small compared too the US. So of course Canadians look elsewhere for bands/artists.They're also bombarded by the very same bands/artists that saturate the American market. That being said, the opposite is not true.

    This is why many Americans are surprised when they find out their new favorite artist or actor turns out to be Canadian. Americans have a tendency not to deliberately venture outside their plastic bubble of a world for anything media or entertainment related.If this does happen, you can be sure it's purely by accident.

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    Klu Klux Klan are they gay organisation

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    Because they are extremely sheltered and ignorant?

    Even here in Australia we have loads of Rush fans. Pity they never came here.

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    guess he hasnt heard of acdc or silver chair or olivia newton john , or helen ready , or the bee gees , all from australia , not including ixs ..

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    this is one of those internet questions arguing against an imaginary adversary. I've never seen a serious person offer the take you are arguing against.

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    "American right-wingers" is everyone of a right-wing political outlook in all 35 countries & 20 principalities of America.  If any of them are "shock(ed)" by anything about Canada, we here don't give a fiddler's F.  Most people worldwide who have a "right-wing" outlook are dumber than dog dung anyway. They're irrelevant to us, as is what they may think or even if they're capable of thought.

    Those who are of the 50% of world population that have 3-digit I.Q.'s know very well that 4 of the very best songwriters in the world since WWII are Canadians.  You were astute enough to name all 4 in your follow-up.  You could also have cited Paul Anka, who is also no slouch.  

    You failed - badly- about Australia.  Just in passing I note that you ignored AC/DC, The Bee Gees, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds, Rick Springfield, Little River Band, Men At Work, Crowded House, Air Supply (much as I'd like to have cut off theirs),. The Easybeats ("Australia's answer to The Beatles"), The Seekers & Rolf Harris.

    From New Zealand - a place of only 5M people, you ignored Split Enz & Lorde (I try to ignore her too).

    You seem not nearly as informed musically as you try to pretend.  

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    That's not true.

    A lot of Canadians (that I don't like, although I generally love Canada) have made it big here... to the point where the last thing I would've suspected is that they are (were) Canadian...

    Veering a bit off topic I'll say that a certain dude named 'Ted' is really making life hard for us.

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    why should that be shocking to anyone. They don't know that people all over the world have music? Even people who live in tribes.

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    2 months ago

    The GOP frowns upon people having fun... unless it's at a race track.

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    And you gave us Alex Trebek...thank you for that.

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    2 months ago

    You sound like the typical Canuk, totally clueless about music beyond your drab borders.

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