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How hard is Grande valse brillante Op. 18 No.1?

Like how is easy to hard is it on a scale 1-10? Can someone who's been playing for 3 years be able to play it?

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    I think it is on par with Impromptu C-sharp minor (op. 66) in terms of difficulty. About 8 years of study needed before one can try those.


    "How is easy to hard is it on a scale 1-10?"

    Among Chopin's pieces where

    1 = just about right for someone who's been playing for 3 years

    10 = insanely difficult, leave it to professional pianists.

    on that scale, I'd say Grande Valse is level 7

    If you like Chopin's waltzes, I suggest one in A-minor, beautiful and not too difficult (lvl 2-3 on the above scale). Maybe little above your level but we like challenges don't we?

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    My husband is a fine pianist who has been a soloist at Lincoln Center several times.  He says that no way can you play this yet.  Just for all those repeated notes alone - you need great technique and digital endurance - before you can even address the musicality.  They are zillions of graded lists out there, which help players and their TEACHERS choose literature that has been classified according to difficulty of execution, by

     piano pedagogs and societies.  Search these, and see where it falls. Good luck.

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