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How to get rid of kernel data inpage error?

Since I updated to windows 10 I'm facing a problem of (stop code: kernel data inpage error) and my laptop keep restarting. 

Any idea to solve this issue. 

kind regards.

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    The kernel data inpage error is a stop code  is usually caused by a problem with the random access memory (RAM) or hard drive. ... 0xC000009D: Loose cables or hard disk failure. 0xC000016A: Bad hard drive sectors.Things to try: (If you are not comfortable working in the computer, get a tech to do this)  Open the computer and carefully take out each of the RAM sticks.  Then, re install them carefully.  Carefully disconnect the HDD and then carefully reconnect.  This is called 'reseating' connections.  See if this takes care of the problem.  If it does not, you may have a amore serious problem with your Hard Drive, RAM or even the Motherboard. 

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