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Patriarch Kiril is KGB agent Mikhailov. Why don't Russians wake up and remove Kiril from position of Patriarch?

If he's not executed immediately, then he can remain the lowest ranked monk (but that's it). Russians, why did you allow this KGB agent to lead your church? Are you blind to what NKVD did to your ancestors?


Guy who has a bank, sold cigarettes and alcohol, who is a KGB agent cannot be a Patriarch.

Update 2:

KGB worked to unite Roman Catholicism with Orthodoxy. Kiril is doing that during world religion summit in 2006 (earlier and later than that also... in Cuba..)... Ecumenism = 263 heresies... COVID measures in church = blasphemy against the Holy Spirit

Update 3:

Rule number one to be Patriarch is 10 000 Orthodox earthly bow downs each day, right? Is Kiril doing that each day?

Update 4:

Trump and Biden on same team: 5G, vaccine, etc.; they work for Chabad Lubavitch; CIA and FSB work for Jews; forgive me.

Update 5:

COVID vaccine with chip = mark of the beast; reject it at all cost!; forgive me.

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    Why don't Americans throw Chrump out, forcibly?

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